Why Make Your Website Responsive

Feb 20, 2017

The answer is simple:

Website upgrade and evolving to fit today’s technological demands should be highly considered by Nonprofits in order to effectively promote their cause and increase audience engagement.

Responsive web design is a great technique that’s being implemented by many organizations and businesses in an effort to always being on top of the latest high tech and avoid being ignored.

But how does Responsive Web Design benefits your Nonprofit?

1) It adapts to different devices (cell phones, tables, desktops, etc.)

2) Optimizes overall page load making it faster and fluid.

3) Flexible images and always in high quality.

4) Optimizes page navigation making it easy use.

5) No needs of a separate (mobile website).

6) Increases your traffic from people using various devises.

7) Highly recommended by Google.

8) It can be applied to your existing website (In most cases).

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