Search Engine Optimization (Chapter 1)

Mar 6, 2017

Website Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords

Your website will be described in all search engines using your Title and Meta Description, and people will find you according to your Keywords. That’s why these are the most important things to do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You really must emphasize in using really good Keywords or phrases that people will use to find you or any service you provide. A good use of keywords in a website title and description without repeating information in a fixed number of words will help, too.

Home and Inner Pages Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords

Every Page Title and Meta description must be different from the other. It must fit the page’s content, otherwise search engines will take this content as a “duplicate” and it could be banned.

H1 H2 and H3

This will help to index the most important keywords in Home which often are listed in this type of titles.

B and I

Though bolds and italics are not critical, they help keywords to stand over the rest.

ALT Images

Every image must have an alternative description.

Though they are not always indexed, sometimes, Google and other search engines index the image by its Alt. So when people make a search by image there’s a chance they will find you that way, too.

On next chapter we will focus on Sitemaps, Google Analytics and directories.

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