Choosing the Right Logo

Dec 11, 2016

A logo is more than just a drawing or a brand name, it is a way of encapsulating the essence of your company or organization. So make sure it reflects your identity, tone, and service.

Logos have a way of evoking emotions, and those emotions can produce a strong sense of connection and loyalty in people. Color plays a crucial role in how a logo is received by consumers, so choosing the right color is as important as the logo design itself.

When selecting a color for your company or organization, begin to think about what color represents your personality. If you want to represent passion, trust, or love, consider a logo that is red or mostly red. Blue can evoke comfort, faith, understanding, confidence, and trust. Yellow can be used to express joy, vitality, energy, and newness.

Another important point is hiring a professional. While the guy at the local copy store may seem really enthusiastic about creating a logo for you, investing in a professional design firm with a track record is the best choice and less risky.

Designing a great logo and identity package is worth the investment. Shop around for designers, printers, and paper, but make sure you go with the best option. And if you have a limited budget, do things in stages or just get business cards and letterhead done right away.

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