Search Engine Optimization (Chapter 2)

Apr 10, 2017


A sitemap.xml must be created and placed, otherwise search engines won’t find your website or URLs. When you change or add URLs you must modify the sitemap and resubmit to search engines in order to be indexed.

Integration of Google Analytics

These great tool helps keeping track of website’s traffic. It lets you know from where traffic came from, what device they use, what language they speak, if they are current or new visitors, and more. In a few words, you will know how your website works with traffic.

Google & Bing Webmaster Tool

Both help at:
– Adding you website to search engines.
– Adding Sitemaps to be indexed.
– Adding all website’s URLs to be indexed sooner (for desktop, smartphones and mobile devices).
– Keeping track of special keywords

‘Follow Link’ Directories

Follow links are critical for SEO when you have a new domain, some directories take up to 4 months to have your site with follow links but it’s worth the time.

DMOZ directory is the most difficult to enter and is the only directory we cannot guarantee a back follow link as all submissions are subject to editor evaluation. However, being a Nonprofit/Charity helps a lot to be accepted.

Search Engine Optimization (Chapter 1)

Mar 6, 2017

Website Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords

Your website will be described in all search engines using your Title and Meta Description, and people will find you according to your Keywords. That’s why these are the most important things to do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You really must emphasize in using really good Keywords or phrases that people will use to find you or any service you provide. A good use of keywords in a website title and description without repeating information in a fixed number of words will help, too.

Home and Inner Pages Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords

Every Page Title and Meta description must be different from the other. It must fit the page’s content, otherwise search engines will take this content as a “duplicate” and it could be banned.

H1 H2 and H3

This will help to index the most important keywords in Home which often are listed in this type of titles.

B and I

Though bolds and italics are not critical, they help keywords to stand over the rest.

ALT Images

Every image must have an alternative description.

Though they are not always indexed, sometimes, Google and other search engines index the image by its Alt. So when people make a search by image there’s a chance they will find you that way, too.

On next chapter we will focus on Sitemaps, Google Analytics and directories.

Why Make Your Website Responsive

Feb 20, 2017

Website upgrade and evolving to fit today’s technological demands should be highly considered by Nonprofits in order to effectively promote their cause and increase audience engagement.

Responsive web design is a great technique that’s being implemented by many organizations and businesses in an effort to always being on top of the latest high tech and avoid being ignored.

How does Responsive Web Design benefits your Nonprofit?

1) It adapts to different devices (cell phones, tables, desktops, etc.)

2) Optimizes overall page load making it faster and fluid.

3) Flexible images and always in high quality.

4) Optimizes page navigation making it easy use.

5) No needs of a separate (mobile website).

6) Increases your traffic from people using various devises.

7) Highly recommended by Google.

8) It can be applied to your existing website (In most cases).

Media Content To Promote Your Cause

Jan 26, 2017

Take pictures!
Attracting the public’s attention is what your ORG needs. Shooting pictures of your work and your people provides a realistic and humanitarian perspective of your daily routine.

Make videos!
Shooting a short film of your work in the field, events or office time makes people value your efforts and touch their hearts through rough times and happy times. Emotions play a very important role when you help.

This generates valuable content for your website and for your social page. Remember people see, watch, feel, share and participate when their curiosity is captured.

Choosing the Right Logo

Dec 11, 2016

A logo is more than just a drawing or a brand name, it is a way of encapsulating the essence of your company or organization. So make sure it reflects your identity, tone, and service.

Logos have a way of evoking emotions, and those emotions can produce a strong sense of connection and loyalty in people. Color plays a crucial role in how a logo is received by consumers, so choosing the right color is as important as the logo design itself.

When selecting a color for your company or organization, begin to think about what color represents your personality. If you want to represent passion, trust, or love, consider a logo that is red or mostly red. Blue can evoke comfort, faith, understanding, confidence, and trust. Yellow can be used to express joy, vitality, energy, and newness.

Another important point is hiring a professional. While the guy at the local copy store may seem really enthusiastic about creating a logo for you, investing in a professional design firm with a track record is the best choice and less risky.

Designing a great logo and identity package is worth the investment. Shop around for designers, printers, and paper, but make sure you go with the best option. And if you have a limited budget, do things in stages or just get business cards and letterhead done right away.

10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Website Updated

Nov 28, 2016

1) Increases your Google Page Rank.

2) Having a clean and interesting content makes visitors come back for more.

3) You take advantage of your own online spot to promote your cause, which is cheaper than paying for advertising.

4) Increases your donations. People feel touched and motivated to help or support to your organization.

5) Makes Google scan your website more often.

6) Increases your social media relations.

7) Attracts sponsors, partners & new members.

8) People in need of your Organization can easily find you.

9) You can get to more people outside your area.

10) Keeps you busy and always learning new stuff.

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